Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Jadason: Exit signal came... then a sell down... price 0.105

I mentioned that we did had a bullish signal for Jadason which alerted us to ride the upside over the past 1 month where it hit a high of more than 0.120 last week...

There was no exit on the system then on last Tuesday.

However, fast forward to a week now..

Over the past few days, we saw the temp 0.115 support gave way and...

....the Exit signal also came out. See below

For illustration purpose only

Definitely a good to time to exit on any long positions with this signal first.

Today we are indeed seeing a sell down below 0.110 further...

Hopefully 0.100 support holds now before probably a re-entry?

Will see.

Great to have a system to alert us on any potential dangers and keep us in check not to be greedy at times...  J

Hi-P: Uptrend firm above 1.05 now.... price 1.065, spotted last week! System?

Just last week, we saw some actions in Hi-P at about 1.00 and inner circle members were alerted

A note with chart was sent in the inner circle group chat with targets drawn as seen in the chart below.

It was then trying to test and cross the 1.00 resistance level which it did over the past few days.

See what I mean below.

For illustration purpose only

Have managed to hold above the new 1.00 support over the past few days and some actions seen yesterday again as it tried to attempt a move above the temp 1.05 resistance.

We can expect more upside with targets drawn still on track as long as 1.05 holds now.

System wise, we saw something nice recently…. J

PTI GRADS can check….

Can it touch 1.10 then 1.20 targets as drawn?

Well let’s see…. 

Uptrend looks intact for now….

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

China Sunsine: More upside above 0.90 next, price 0.88. Mentioned in seminar, system?

Over the past few days, we have seen China Sunsine showing some positive actions when it neared the 0.84 level….

Have been capped below this level for more than 2 months and it was indeed something meaningful..

Therefore, a note was sent out to my inner circle to watch list and prepare for any potential upside….

A chart was sent too… With some targets drawn of course….

See below what was sent… price was at 0.83 then…

Indeed the move came yesterday where we saw buyers coming in to break the 0.84 key level on some specific price action..

Inner circle members were of course alerted again too yesterday…

Now at 0.88 where we can see it attempt a move above 0.90 also.

Uptrend intact as long as 0.84 – 0.85 is a support now.

Towards 1.00?  ;)

Anyway, this was one of the stocks that was mentioned in my Market Outlook seminar about 2 weeks back

Along with other 5 stocks..

Total 6 stocks. At last check, all in the money. Yes, all 6. Current price vs price just before seminar.  ;)

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System wise, yes we’ve got something recently too… just saying…

PTI grads can check…. Shhhh…

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

China Aviation: 1st target almost hit, some profit taking normal, Price 1.785. Is upside over?

Just last week, we spotted some actions in this counter and inner circle was alerted.

It was then at about 1.74 as seen in the chart below and had just started to show some positive signs..

See below chart of what was sent last week…

Targets were drawn too..

For illustration purpose only

Over the past few days, we have indeed seen more strength with it pushing to a high of 1.79 today…

Some profit taking expected near 1.80 which is our first target drawn but upside may not be over.

What about the system?

Well, we saw some good signal very recently….

System aside, let’s see if targets drawn last week can still play out above 1.80 ;)

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jadason: No exits seen yet, still good? Price 0.123 - System revealed!

I actually mentioned about Jadason in a blog post about 2 weeks back >>> http://singaporetradinginsights.blogspot.sg/2017/07/jadason-spotted-recently-before-move.html

Back then it was trading just above the 0.100 level and has actually risen by quite a fair bit from the 0.090 level…

I mentioned that upside was still possible with indicators also looking positive then…

Fast forward to 2 weeks now, we have indeed the upside continue with it hitting a new high at 0.125 today..

See where we are now below.

More importantly, I also mentioned about the system then..

About the system having a BULLISH signal

Some people have asked me today if there is ANY EXIT on the system after it has risen so much already.

So I thought why not reveal the system for all to see… (PTI grads can check too)

So here it goes below….

We did have a Bullish 1GT Signal on 19 June 2017.

Entry price at 0.093...

Yes, still NO EXITS.... after about a month... 33.3% gain in a month and counting....

So is the upside really really over???

Well would want to see what the system says in the coming days too...

Anyway, we would want to take concrete steps to protect profits no matter what... or take profit along the way up too...

I mean, let's not be too greedy... ;)

Well in case you do not know, this stock was also mentioned in my 2nd Half 2017 Market Outlook Seminar 2 weeks back on 1st July 2017..

Along with another 5 stocks...

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Video: 6 Stocks Revealed in Market Outlook - Actions already seen! Are you in or out?

Just about 2 weeks back on 1st July 2017..

I did a Stock Market Outlook seminar for the 2nd Half 2017 where I did a quick review of the key factors affecting the market and also gave my view…

More importantly, I also mentioned 6 stocks that we were looking at for potential long positions to be taken..

Click here or the image below to watch this 2 mins video which will reveal them….

5 of them have already started to show some positive actions…

And the thing is .. 

There can still be more upside….

Let me just show you the chart of one of them below. We saw some actions last week already..

And more actions today too….

New targets drawn too while we protect profits J

Want to know what stock the above is?

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See ya!  ;)

Friday, July 14, 2017

YZJ Shipbldg: Spotted last week. Back to resistance, waiting for a specific price action... price 1.30, system?

Just last week, inner circle members were alerted to a potential trade setup when we saw YZJ Shipbldg broke the 1.24 temp resistance level.

It did rise higher to a high of 1.32 before some profit taking.

After the profit taking, calls to accumulate were given again to ride the rebound when it was at a decent price level.

And it has indeed rebounded over the past 3 days from the firm support level we are seeing now.… 

Try to see what it is from the chart below  ;)

Today, a trade back to the 1.30 – 1.32 key resistance level again....

May retrace lower like we have seen previously but I am more interested in the upside if we see something….

System wise…

Yes, let’s just say we saw something recently….

Just before the ascent..

Shhh…. ;)

For illustration purpose only

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ley Choon: Short term upside likely above 0.050... Price 0.053. Inner circle spotted! System also says...

Just yesterday, some of my inner circle members alerted me to this counter in the afternoon…

I saw the charts and immediately put this on my watch list with a quick analysis given to them….

Seeing more actions today with it pushing away from 0.050 new support..

Targets drawn yesterday already playing out halfway  ;) see what I mean

Short term upside can still be good above…

Seeing some resistance at 0.055 for now but after that should be pretty alright…

What about the system…?

Yes, we did see something positive recently on it….

See what I mean below…

58.5% gain in 1 month and counting…

Yes still no exits….

Looking to sharing more about my strategies and system in my upcoming workshops in a few months time….

It’s just so much better to know what goes on behind the system, trust me…

And I am proud that my PTI Grads know it too…

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Moya Asia: Touching first target soon, price 0.118, targets still on tracked.

Just last week, we saw some actions with Moya Asia actually moving past the 0.106 temp resistance level..

It was then about 0.108 – 0.109 and a note was sent out with some targets drawn on the chart as per below....

Target was drawn all the way to 0.130.... see below what I mean.

For illustration purpose only

Over the past few days, we have indeed seen the 0.110 level gave way and up it went...

To a high at 0.119 today... We are half way there.... ;)  Target seems like still playing out well…

Likely to test our first mini target at 0.120 today where we can see some profit taking also.

Seeing some support at 0.114 – 0.115 for now where short term uptrend is still positive above.

Any firm price action above 0.120 can open the way to 0.130 as mentioned. Let’s see.

Congrats to those still riding or to those who have taken profits.... ;)

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Friday, July 7, 2017

ComfortDelgro: Downside target hit, still more weakness? Price 2.22

Just last week, we spotted some weakness in ComfortDelGro after it broke below the 2.35 good support level...

Then on Friday, exactly 1 week ago, it neared the key 2.30 support where we mentioned about more weakness on a breakdown....

Chart was sent with some targets drawn... Price was about 2.31 then... see what I mean.

The support did break down early this week where a note was sent again...

Fast forward today, we have seen it hit a low at 2.20 before some short covering.

Target hit as per chart. So what now?

Well, system BEARISH ENTRY signal still there....

Just saying...

Just be careful if 2.20 does not hold as well...

For now, probably some consolidation from 2.20 to 2.24 before a further move...

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Jadason: Spotted recently before move came, can still be good. Price 0.102. System says?

Just a few days back, we saw some price action in Jadason and inner circle members were alerted...

It was then at about 0.091.

Over the past 2 days, we have indeed seen some actions with it breaking the 0.095 key level.

Specific indicators also started to point to more strength on this move.

See chart below drawn then with targets also highlighted.

For illustration purpose only

After those calls, we have indeed seen Jadason breaking above the 0.100 psychological level yesterday even as mentioned.

It is still trying to push above yesterday’s high which is a good sign. 

Looking at a 12% gain from when it was first spotted.

With 0.100 holding now, can the upside still continue as per targets drawn in the chart?

The thing is, we did had a BULLISH SIGNAL on the system recently..... PTI grads can check! ;)

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Stop Missing out! J

Monday, July 3, 2017

Singtel: Upside target still on tracked.. price 3.91

Just last week we saw some bullish actions in Singtel and a note was sent out.

After consolidating below 3.85 for about 3 months, finally, we saw some actions with it breaking through.

Moving averages were starting to converge positively then which was a good sign too.

Today, we have seen Singtel traded higher and even a move above the temp 3.90 level today.

Looking set to test 4.00 in the short term where we can see some profit taking again.

Targets drawn on the chart still playing out well.... See the chart that was sent out last week below...

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System wise, let’s just say we saw something nice recently, yes before the up move… ;) PTI grads can check!

For illustration purpose only

Friday, June 30, 2017

QAF: Sell down below 1.30 today fast. Warning sent, cautious long, price 1.26

Just yesterday, had alerted my inner circle of a potential breakdown below 1.30 when we had a bearish signal on the system.

Specifically a 1ET bearish signal from my Explosive trading strategy.

It was hovering dangerously above 1.30 and look on the brink of breaking it.

It did today. And sellers came in fast.

We can see more selling towards 1.20 before some technical rebound.

Looking at a bigger picture, we can actually see a Bearish Head and Shoulder pattern as highlighted….

But that is not why the bearish 1ET signal came out….

PTI grads will know   ;)

Just be careful below 1.30 now…

Target as drawn yesterday on the chart below may play out….

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For illustration purpose only

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sunningdale Tech: Sell down over past 3 weeks, exit came actually. Now what? Price 1.705

We have seen Sunningdale Tech hit a high of 2.20 before some serious profit taking occured as the the technology sector got hit by a sell down in a US tech stock.

As a result, it has been dipping lower over the past 3 weeks, breaking the support at 1.95 and 1.90 before more selling continue.

Yesterday, my inner circle were alerted to a further breakdown below 1.80 when it was at 1.79 where some targets were drawn (See below).

For illustration purpose only

More weakness indeed and it is currently at 1.705 where are seeing some support at the psychological 1.70.

Note that any breakdown below 1.70 on a specific price action can still more selling, so cautious long.

More importantly, I mentioned previously that there were some bullish signals in May 2017 last month which was the reason why we rode the upside in the first place....


The bullish exit signal did came out on 8 June.   

A few days before the heavy selling began. Thank god..

Have a glance at the BULLISH entry and exit signal below and see what I mean.

For illustration purpose only

I am glad PTI grads have gotten out after seeing the EXIT signal and avoided the carnage, with profits locked in still.

Cautious long for now, especially below 1.70.

It is always good to have a system I guess, it keep things simpler and less emotional.... ;)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

CDL HTrust: Targets still on tracked... Price 1.685.... A note last week!

Just last week we saw some good actions for CDL HTrust around 1.66 and inner circle members were alerted…

There were indeed some bullish signals we got on the system which PTI grads can check…

So far, seems like it is still holding well above 1.65 which is a good thing

Likely to see it test and break the 1.70 for the uptrend to continue..

Not too sure if target 1.80 as drawn below can be hit… J See below what I mean….

For illustration purpose only

Friday, June 23, 2017

UOL: Target hit as predicted and some profit taking seen..... Price 7.98.

About a month ago in May we actually spotted this stock call UOL approaching its key support at 6.80 and a note was sent out…

Was looking at a pretty good rebound where one can possible accumulate since the trend was up too then….

See chart that was sent out on the 18th May where price was about 6.86…. where we predicted a rebound to probably about 7.30 short term target…

Indeed the rebound occurred over the next few days and it hit 7.30……

But then we saw some new price action about 2 weeks ago again….

And another note was sent out, of course with a new chart with a new HIGHER target again….

See chart below again… Target raised to 8.00…

Today, have seen our target at 8.00 hit and also a slight breached through today.

But seeing some profit taking for now near 8.00 which is normal  given the spike experience today where some might want to take some money off the table...

Arrows drawn has indeed played out nicely over the past 2 months and over the past 2 charts..

Upside may not be over but would also be good to lock in some profits and protect J

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